Tips for Better Recovery After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Tips For Better Recovery After Gastric Bypass Surgery

When talking about bariatric surgery, we tend to focus on the “after.” And not the immediate after, but months out from surgery, when patients are healed, happy, and enjoying a significant amount of weight loss.

However, that immediate after matters and really should be talked about more. Recovery from gastric bypass, as with more surgeries, isn’t a walk in the park. You can anticipate being tired, uncomfortable, hungry, and even depressed.

Now, if surgery is right for you, don’t let this stop you, but do let it make you more informed about what to expect after gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico. Just keep the following tips in mind.

Expect Post-Surgery Blues

Not every patient experiences this period of depression, but enough do that it needs to be prepared for. This can occur with any type of surgery and is not linked with regretting the procedure itself. Rather, it is a physiological response to the “injuries” that come with surgery.

Be sure to rally your support system around you, including your surgical staff. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are feeling down or to even talk out doubts you are feeling about surgery.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Prior to the day of your gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico, your surgeon will go over all your recovery guidelines and limitations in depth. Don’t treat these as a suggestion. Following these instructions helps to prevent injury, encourage healing, and maximize your surgery results. If you ever encounter a gray situation and need clarification, contact your surgeon.

During Stick to the Post-Surgery Diet

Recovery from gastric bypass surgery, you will be on a very restrictive diet. It will be all clear thin liquids at first, then thicker liquids, then pureed foods before finally graduating back to solid food. And you don’t get there in a matter for days. After weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, it can take over a month before you feel like you are eating somewhat normally again.

But this cannot be rushed. Going back to solid foods too soon can tear your new stomach, not just compromising your results but risking your life. You may feel impatient but stick with it. You should also avoid overeating after gastric bypass surgery.

Get Walking

Recovery after gastric bypass surgery does require that you take things easy, but you do need to get up a walk a little every hour during the day. Gentle movement promotes healing and will have you back to regular life faster than if you merely laid in bed. Ask your doctor about how many minutes of walking you should aim for at a time.

With these gastric bypass recovery tips in mind, you should find that your post-surgery period is easier to manage. If you have any questions, reach out to the experts at ALO Bariatrics.

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