Alo Bariatrics is a renowned Obesity Surgery Center offering its patients proven and comprehensive Bariatric Programs in Weight Loss Surgery. Guided by Lead Surgeon Doctor Alejandro Lopez, Alo Bariatrics the Surgeons and Staff provide the attention to every Patient from Pre-Op through Post-Op. Alo Bariatrics provides full-service weight loss solutions with 3 locations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dr. Alejandro Lopez
Dr. Alejandro LopezBariatric Surgeon
Dr. Salvador Ramirez
Dr. Salvador RamirezBariatric Surgeon
Dr. MariaLuisa Garcia
Dr. MariaLuisa GarciaAnesthesiologist
Dr. Edgar Farias
Dr. Edgar FariasAnesthesiologist
Dr. Alejandro Rios
Dr. Alejandro RiosInternist
Dr. David Orozco
Dr. David OrozcoSurgeon
Dr. Antonio Molina
Dr. Antonio MolinaInternist
Dr. Helmut Hilke
Dr. Helmut HilkeGeneral Doctor
Dr. Leonardo Graxiola
Dr. Leonardo GraxiolaGeneral Doctor
Dr. Richardo Campos
Dr. Richardo CamposInternist
Dr. Azucena Alvarez
Dr. Azucena AlvarezGeneral Doctor
Dr. Sergio del Hoyo
Dr. Sergio del HoyoSurgeon


We offer the best procedures in the industry for overcoming your weight struggles with state of the art equipment and the top surgeons in Mexico



The most beautiful and safe areas of Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and Tijuana. ALO Bariatrics is part of the specialized Obesity Clinic at Hospitals all over Mexico. World renowned for its cutting edge treatment of obesity


Success Stories

We have helped hundreds beat obesity But don’t take our word for it. Here what our past patients have to say about how their live have changes since their surgeries.



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