ALO Bariatrics Weight Loss Surgery
Choose From Three Convenient Locations

Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier

Located in the beautiful Paradise Village Complex of the Nuevo Vallarta region, prepare to experience top quality Bariatric care in a scenic, relaxing environment. Hospital San Javier Riviera is a brand-new facility designed specifically to meet the needs of the international medical traveler. Hospital San Javier Riviera is known as one of the best places for medical tourism throughout all of Mexico and is renown for first-class patient care and recovery. Hospital San Javier Riviera was designed especially for medical tourism and particularly for bariatric surgery with spacious and luxurious rooms overlooking the Marina. The hospital is located within The Paradise Village Complex, which features hotels, a mall, a casino, and multiple local and international restaurants.


Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro

Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro is the newest member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a select group of independent health systems that works closely with Mayo Clinic to improve the delivery of health care and better serve their patients and communities.

As part of this new collaboration, the medical community of Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro can now obtain timely and evidence-based medical opinions and diagnostic and treatment options from Mayo Clinic. This comes at no additional cost to patients and helps them avoid unnecessary travel from their country. Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro is the first network member in western Mexico.


Hospital Guadalajara

ALO Bariatrics is located inside of Hospital Guadalajara, in the nicest area of Tijuana. We are just a few minutes from the U.S. border and a mere 5 minutes from the San Diego airport. Our Tijuana location offers pure affordability and convenience in one of the best hospitals in the world for bariatric medicine.

Our patient coordinators and drivers will assist with all the necessary preparations. Our staff will pick you up directly at the San Diego airport and transport you across the border utilizing the medical fast lane pre-clearance. The hospital and hotel are conveniently located a mere 3 minutes from each other in an extremely safe commercial area.

Our Doctor In Each Location

Doctor Alejandro Lopez – Lead Bariatric Surgeon

Doctor Salvador Ramirez – Bariatric Surgeon and General Surgeon

Doctor Antonio Molina – Internist, for Pre-Op Evaluations

Doctor Helmut Hilke – General Doctor

Sandra Castaneda – Nutritionist and patient coordinator

Fatima Flores – Nurse

Perla Bonifacio – Scrub Nurse

Ednair Mariano – Nurse

Doctor Alejandro Lopez – Lead Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Edgar Farias – Anesthesiologist

 Dr. Ricardo Campos – Internist for Pre-Op Evaluations

Dr. David Orozco – General Surgeon

Ana karen Vargas – Nutritionist and patient coordinator in Guadalajara

Dr. Alejandro Lopez - Bariatric Surgeon
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