ALO Bariatrics

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About ALO Bariatrics

ALO Bariatrics is one of the prominent Bariatric Surgery Facilities in Mexico. Alo offers affordable Weight Loss services in Tijuana, México through their system of world-class healthcare professionals and hospitals. Alo Bariatrics always has the Patients goals in mind. Alo Bariatrics is composed of surgeons with a combined experience of 20+ years performing Weight Loss Surgery. ALO Bariatrics is a well-established Medical Practice for those seeking advanced Bariatric Program for Weight Loss.

At ALO Bariatrics, we provide leading-edge patient care by Mexico’s most acclaimed physicians and offer the latest options for those seeking to enhance their lives with Weight Loss Surgery. ALO Bariatric Surgeons perform several types of bariatric procedures, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and revision weight loss surgery — using the advanced single incision laparoscopic surgical technique.

Why choose Us

Bariatric Surgery is deemed a highly effective treatment for long-term control of obesity. If you have been unable to lose weight from diet and exercise alone, Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss in Mexico can get you on the right track to a healthier life. Alo Bariatrics is a renowned Obesity Surgery Center offering its patients proven and comprehensive Bariatric Programs in Weight Loss Surgery. Guided by Lead Surgeon Doctor Alejandro Lopez, Alo Bariatrics Surgeons and Staff provide the attention to every Patient from Pre-Op through Post-Op. Alo Bariatrics provides full-service weight loss solutions with 3 locations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Our care is compassionate and patient-centered.

  • Network of highly-experienced, dedicated bariatric surgeons
  • Staff members who pride themselves on thorough patient education
  • Modern facilities inside world-class, accredited hospitals
  • Affordable, advanced weight loss surgical techniques
  • Nutritional support, after-care program
  • Top Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana

Surrounded by the gleaming skies of Tijuana, weight loss surgeon Dr. Alejandro López is working diligently to improve the lives of patients who are struggling with weight loss. Performing thousands of weight loss surgeries, Dr. López has earned his position as one of the leading and most trusted bariatric and general surgeons in Mexico. Dr. López and his staff are performing the latest and most effective bariatric surgery techniques to help patients lose weight and improve their health for good. His skill as a weight loss surgeon, along with his caring, compassionate manner, ensures that his patients feel well-informed and taken care of. In addition to initial bariatric surgeries, ALO Bariatrics also specializes in revisions to previous bariatric surgeries for the countless patients who have had bariatric surgery done elsewhere and have not been completely satisfied with the results.

In light of increasing severity of medical conditions caused by obesity and over-weight among people in the U.S. and Canada, ALO Bariatrics offers a medical solution to Americans and Canadians. Although, obesity and being overweight are burning issues in the healthcare industry the weight loss surgical options as offered by ALO Bariatrics can and will bring down the rising cost concern and also addresses the issue of obesity and health for their patients.


But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our past patients have to say about how their lives have changes since their surgeries.

“Many people decide that just beginning the process of change is too much effort. I’m so glad that I chose to make a change and transform my life. I pray this inspires you. It’s not where you came from, it’s about how adamant and focused you are that’s really important. Thanks to my doctor and a very special friend who introduced me to my new life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Alejandro López.”

Bishop Tyear
“I had my gastric sleeve May 5, 2014. I’ve lost 95 pounds and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much Dr. López! You’re an amazing doctor! I had a great experience and am so glad I chose you!” “
Jessica Jalovec
“Three (3) years ago I decided to make a change in my life.. It wasn’t just a physical transformation but it turned out to be more than that. Now I’m in my own skin. The insecurities I used to have, that used to prevent me from being the person I really was, all along are now gone. I’ve definitely bloomed!! I sure have changed! I’m ME now and enjoying life to the fullest!!” “
Michelle Bueno