What Happens If You Eat Too Much After Gastric Bypass?

For those looking to get gastric bypass surgery, there’s a few things that must be understood. Gastric bypass surgery aims to reduce your overall caloric intake while also restricting the body’s ability to absorb food. Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that revolutionized the way surgeons thought about weight loss. Is it possible to overeat […]

What Is The Duodenal Switch? How Much Weight Can You Lose After The Surgery?

Most people who are searching for weight loss surgeries will be pointed to one of a few options. Gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy (or the gastric sleeve), and gastric bands tend to be the most popular procedures. However, some patients are looking for a more permanent and drastic measure to help them lose weight. Gastric bypass […]

What To Eat After Bariatric Surgery

This diet is meant to help your digestive system recover from the surgery while also allowing for rapid weight loss. After any kind of bariatric surgery, you’re going to be put on a diet that adds new foods over time. This diet must be followed, otherwise the patient may experience abdominal pain and other complications. […]