Should You Exercise After Bariatric Surgery?

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Many people think their lives will dramatically change after bariatric surgery and all the weight they struggled to lose will magically fall off. This misconception is largely due to the fact that bariatric surgery changes the amount of food you can eat. Unfortunately, weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. Losing and keeping off the lost weight is a life-long process.

While post-bariatric surgery diets include eating fewer food calories, exercise is your best bet for having consistent and permanent weight loss. So what do you need to know about exercise after weight loss surgery?

Things You Should Know About Post-Op Exercise

  1. Exercise is not just about going to the gym or jogging for miles on end. Anything that keeps the blood flowing can be counted as exercise. Playing sports, doing sprints, hiking, lifting weights, even walking the dog counts as exercise.
  2. You do not have to sweat or feel physical strain for your post-op exercise to be effective.
  3. Exercise activates your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster and safely.
  4. Working out releases endorphins in your brain that help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is great for people who have to deal with societal views on being overweight or obese.
  5. A good exercise regimen will leave you feeling strong and protect you against muscle strain and other injuries.

What Exercises To Do After Bariatric Surgery

While you might be itching to start working out after bariatric surgery, it is important to listen to your physician’s post-surgical instructions as to the type and intensity of exercise your body can handle. Remember, you do not have to break a sweat or get a muscle cramp for exercise to be effective.

Start Small

Once you are cleared to exercise, start with low-impact, low-duration exercises. This can include light jogging or dancing for 10 minutes or so. The goal is to increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing.

Build Up Intensity

You should not do the same workout for the same amount of time indefinitely. This will make you plateau and halt your progress. If you like doing yoga, increase the duration from 10 minutes to 20 to 30. If you like taking walks, increase the distance so you are further from home each day.

Switch Things Up

Cardio will probably be your first exercise after weight loss surgery. However, there are a lot more exercises that help you improve different areas of your body for overall wellness. For example, add some weight training to your regular stint on the treadmill to build lean muscle. Include a stretching session before and after your workout to reduce the chance of injury.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

ALO Bariatrics is a provider of bariatric surgery in Mexico. Bariatric surgery in Mexico is becoming the go-to alternative for many US citizens. It is a cheaper alternative for people who want to get on with their weight loss journey. Always follow your doctor’s post-surgical instructions regarding diet and exercise to see lasting results.

Bariatric Surgeries
Bariatric Surgeries

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