Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a big step to take in one’s weight loss journey. If you’ve been obese for a long period of time and haven’t found success with diet and exercise, bariatric surgery might be right for you.

One concern that some women have is if they’ll be able to get pregnant after bariatric surgery. Others want to know if it’s risky to have a baby after bariatric surgery. So let’s answer the question: is pregnancy after bariatric surgery safe? Can you have a baby after bariatric surgery? Let’s find out!

Can bariatric surgery affect your pregnancy?

Yes, bariatric surgery can have an impact on your ability to get pregnant… but these effects are generally positive.

It is highly risky for obese woman to become pregnant, as certain changes associated with pregnancy can increase a woman’s risk of developing blood pressure problems, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia (which is particularly scary!)

Undergoing weight loss surgery in order to lose weight before pregnancy is an excellent way to reduce health risks to both mother and baby. But there are some other caveats.

It’s highly recommended that women who undergo bariatric surgery Tijuana should wait at least one year before trying to become pregnant. This is because pregnant mothers require a great deal of extra nutrition to make sure that the baby is able to develop properly in the womb.

You also have an increased chance of needing a c-section to safely deliver the baby. Although there’s nothing particularly risky about a c-section, it may be difficult for some mothers-to-be to accept.

We wrote a guide on post bariatric surgery instructions, which explains what to do after you get the procedure. This guide could help you understand what you need to do before you start thinking about pregnancy.

I want to get pregnant after bariatric surgery, what should I do?

As stated above, we recommend that you wait a year after bariatric surgery before trying to become pregnant. Before then, your body is still recovering from the surgery and adjusting to your new caloric intake. You are likely still not getting enough nutrients to support both you and a growing baby. Your hormones are still rapidly changing due to your reduced caloric intake.

There are also other important considerations. You will want to continue seeing your bariatric doctor to make sure that there are no potential complications that could arise from pregnancy.

One big consideration that you’ll have to remember is to remember that you will gain weight during pregnancy, and this could be mentally difficult for someone who had recently undergone a life-changing weight loss procedure in order to stop being obese. Take your mental health seriously! Many bariatric surgery patients go to counseling to help them deal with the difficulties of rapid weight loss and a changing self-image: make sure that you discuss your pregnancy plans with your counselor or therapist.

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