How You Can Manage Your Cravings after Weight Loss Surgery

Managing Cravings after Weight Loss Surgery

So you have had weight loss surgery, you are on a healthier eating schedule, and are exercising more than ever before. Life is good. But what happens when you suddenly miss a Subway Footlong in the middle of the night? Or when you desire a large bag of tortilla chips so badly you can almost taste it on your tongue?

Cravings are a common human experience. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, regardless of whether their stomachs are full or not. Many people conflate cravings and hunger, which is a mistake. Unlike hunger, cravings after weight loss surgery are completely psychological. The memory, pleasure, and reward centers of your brain become activated when you crave a particular food or snack. The feeling of wanting that food can be so intense that you can actually smell or taste it. When you give in and eat the food you desire, your next bout of cravings will be more intense because the memory of the food is more recent.

How to Fight Cravings after Weight Loss Surgery

Many people can afford to indulge in their cravings often with very little consequences. However, eating after bariatric surgery is a science and you cannot constantly indulge your cravings if you want to lose and keep off the weight. So how do you manage your cravings so you do not fall off the wagon?

Mind over matter

The important thing to remember when managing cravings is that it is all in your head. The more you concentrate on that feeling of wanting, the easier it will be to give in and satisfy your cravings. So when you miss a food or snack that you know you should not eat, distract yourself. Call up a friend to chat, play with your kids or pets, read a book, or go for a walk. Getting a few minutes of exercise will help you pass time while reminding you of your weight loss goals.

Remove temptations

It will be unnecessarily hard to keep to your post-op bariatric diet if you are in an environment filled with temptations. Purge your home of all the unhealthy snacks and drinks that will set you back on your weight loss journey. Look outside your home to see any possible temptations and adapt to avoid them, e.g. change your jogging route if it passes near a café that serves your favorite chocolate cookies.

Follow your eating schedule

With the help of your dietician, you should come up with a schedule that keeps you healthy eating after bariatric surgery. Stick to your post-op bariatric diet even when you are not hungry. This way you do not have the space to add any more food when your cravings hit.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day

Most people think they are hungry when they’re actually just thirsty. Drink water throughout the day, and especially when you start craving something you should not eat.

ALO Bariatrics: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Fighting food cravings after weight loss surgery is not an impossible task. Whether you have weight loss surgery in Mexico or in the US, enroll the help of a dietician so you can get a food schedule that works for you and your weight loss goals. You will succeed if you crave weight loss more than you crave immediate gratification.

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