How to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery Without Insurance

Paying for Weight Loss Surgery Without Insurance

Bariatric surgery is among some of the most expensive surgeries that one can undergo.  It is for this reason that some insurance companies only offer limited support or don’t offer any support at all.

Depending on your location, the cost of the surgery ranges from $15,000 to $50,000.  A lap band surgery can cost $14,500, a sleeve gastrectomy can cost $17,500 and a gastric bypass can cost $23,000. The high cost comes from the fact that it has to be performed by experienced surgeons and the need for specialized tools.

Its cost makes it unaffordable to many, especially those that are uninsured. Most insurance providers cover the cost of bariatric surgery, however they may not cover surgery if you don’t meet the minimum qualifications, or if it’s done outside the US. So how do you pay for weight loss surgery if you don’t have insurance?

How to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery Without Insurance

Below are some of the ways you can pay for bariatric surgery in Mexico without insurance:

  • Medical Loan: You can use collateral like a car or home to take the loan. The value of your collateral will determine the value of the loan.
  • Hospital Payment Plan: Some hospitals will allow you to make payments for your surgery over an agreed period of time instead of paying the entire cost at once.  These plans have low-interest rates.
  • Care Credit: This is a credit card that you can use for healthcare costs. You can only use this card to pay for qualified medical expenses and can help you out since bariatric surgery has plenty of additional costs associated with them, such as vitamins and protein supplements.
  • Health savings account: You can qualify for a health savings account if you have a type of health insurance called high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). While the health savings account is similar to a personal savings account, it can only be used for health-related issues like bariatric surgery.
  • Personal Loan: depending on your credit rating, taking a low-interest personal loan can help you pay for bariatric surgery.
  • 401(k) loan: if you have a retirement plan, you can use it as a loan to pay for your surgery. Since you will be borrowing money from yourself, you can repay it back in manageable monthly instalments. This option is not recommended as it puts your retirement at risk, however this can be a good option for those whose obesity has harmed their ability to work.

Even though you will spend more on the initial cost of bariatric surgery for weight loss, the long-term health benefits far outweigh the cost.  Once the excess weight has been lost, you will no longer spend more money on the management of health conditions associated with obesity. Your overall health and happiness are more important.

If you’re concerned about the cost of bariatric surgery, Mexico can be a great option. ALO Bariatrics provides gastric sleeve in Mexico and gastric bypass surgery in Mexico for a fraction of the cost of US-based weight loss clinics.

Bariatric Surgeries
Bariatric Surgeries

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