How To Keep Muscle And Gain Strength After Gastric Sleeve

How To Maintain And Build Muscle After Gastric Sleeve

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico, one of the key benefits you will reap will be weight loss that cannot be achieved through dieting and exercising. The weight lost will not only be body fat, you will also lose some lean body mass or muscle. Most postoperative patients struggle in building muscle. This is because some are older than 40 and their muscle tone has already reduced. Some struggle because they have been overweight for a long time which has led to muscle deterioration. Since the patient will also make dietary changes, there are fewer calories to burn during intense exercise. Despite this, it’s possible to maintain or even build muscle mass after getting Tijuana bariatric surgery. This article will show you how to build muscle after a gastric sleeve.

Tips To Maintain & Build Muscle After Gastric Sleeve


You are allowed to start taking part in exercise six weeks post-operation. In the beginning, you will only engage in light exercise before embarking on strength training and weight lifting. Regardless of the kind of exercise you chose to engage in, you must establish consistency if you want to achieve long-term success. Bodybuilding after gastric sleeve is attained through a blend of sets, reps, exercises, and the different types of equipment used. To be able to build muscle, you will need to aim to do a certain number of reps so that you can achieve muscle hypertrophy. Optimal muscle hypertrophy will only be achieved when you properly nourish your body by eating meals that are high in proteins. When you begin exercising, you will experience soreness as your body adapts to the exercises.


It is recommended that you consume a diet that’s high in protein to help you build and maintain muscle. The protein should be from lean sources only. It will not be possible to achieve your goals of building and maintaining muscle if you don’t consume the recommended daily quantities of protein. Even if you’re a vegetarian, look for ways to incorporate proteins into your diet.

Sleep and hydration

While diet and exercise are important in helping achieve your goals of maintaining and building muscle, you must stay hydrated and well-rested. Every time you work out, your muscles are broken so that they can become stronger. Having enough sleep and taking enough liquids will help your body recover from the stresses of exercise.

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