How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

Living with obesity is a struggle. Chances are good that this has motivated you to attempt to lose weight and get healthy more than once in your life. But diet and exercise don’t work for everyone—at least not without a little help.

Bariatric surgeries are designed to offer that extra boost some people need to speed up weight loss and stay motivated. However, weight loss surgery costs often prevent patients from getting the life-saving treatment they need.

What is the gastric bypass cost? And how can you make the price work for you? Let’s find out!

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost

First thing you need to know about how much gastric bypass surgery costs: there is no set price. Each provider sets their own cost for the procedure, typically reflecting their training, experience, cost of living in the area their office is located, and other related expenses, such as the rental fee for the operating room.

Second thing you need to know about the cost of weight loss surgery in general: the price isn’t all-inclusive in most cases. Typically, surgeons quote a price for the surgery, but then you need to also pay for everything from the anesthesiologist fees to your bandages.

So, what can you expect to pay for gastric bypass in the United States?

On the low end, gastric bypass costs $15,000. On the high end, $35,000. Most surgeons will charge around $25,000 for their procedure.

How to Reduce the Cost of Gastric Bypass

If you have insurance, the best way to lower the cost of gastric bypass is to utilize your coverage. Not all policies will cover it in full, and in all cases, you will need to meet specific requirements to be eligible. However, if your policy offers this coverage and you qualify, you could pay half or less of the overall cost.

However, not everyone has health insurance. If you either don’t have a policy or have one without sufficient coverage to afford gastric bypass, you can look into getting the procedure in another country.

Gastric bypass in Tijuana is significantly more affordable in the US—costing as little as a fourth of the price in the U.S. And this doesn’t mean sacrificing quality; with the right surgeon, you will enjoy the same level of expertise, but greater comfort and attention due to the concierge approach most practices take. And if you go to Tijuana, you don’t need to pay for a passport to make the trip.

To learn more about how it all works and to hear about our prices, contact ALO Bariatrics.

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