14 Things You Should Know About VSG Surgery

VSG Surgery Guide

Weight loss surgery is increasingly popular, and VSG procedure is a common weight loss procedure.

What is VSG Surgery?

Also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, it is a procedure where the size of your stomach is reduced. Your new stomach can only hold 2 ounces of food at a time, so you lose weight this way. As a weight loss surgery, VSG is a life-changing procedure, and there are essential things you should know before, during, and after the procedure.

5 Things to Know Before VSG Surgery

  • VSG procedure is not a quick fix: surgery is meant to supplement other weight loss methods. You need to view it as part of your weight loss regime rather than the be-all and end-all.
  • You need to change how you view food: there are many reasons for overeating that extend beyond satiating physical hunger. You need to find and address the real reason for your overdependence on food if you are to achieve true and lasting weight loss.
  • You need to eat healthier: healthy eating after bariatric surgery will be easier to do if you start making changes before the surgery. Reduce your intake of fatty and sugary foods, caffeinated, and carbonated drinks, replacing them with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins.
  • You need to start exercising: pick small, non-strenuous activities that will keep you on the move. Start being active for short periods then increase the intensity and duration over time. This will prepare you for more focused exercise after your surgery.
  • Create a support system: get to know people who are or have been on the same journey as you. Let friends and family know about your surgery and all the specifics involved. This way you have a system of support and accountability that will keep you true to your goals.

3 Things You Should Know During VSG Surgery

  • You will be under anesthesia: VSG is a laparoscopic surgery, which means your surgeon has to make a few small incisions through which a tiny camera and surgical instruments will go in and out. General anesthesia is required so you do not feel any pain while these activities are happening.
  • You will lose a large part of your stomach: VSG surgery reduces your stomach’s capacity by separating your stomach into two unequal parts. The surgeon will then remove the larger part, stapling the smaller part together so you can use it going forward.
  • Abdominal pain is normal: VSG surgery is minimally invasive, but you will likely experience stomach pain for a while after surgery as the incisions made during surgery heal. Your physician will prescribe you pain management medication that you will use for at least a week post-op.

6 Things You Should Know After VSG Surgery 

  • Your lifestyle will change: you cannot test the limits of your new stomach immediately after surgery. You will likely be on liquid food for a few days, after which you will move to soft foods before solid eating after bariatric surgery. Your activity level will also be reduced until the doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise.
  • You need to drink a lot of water: drinking water is a good way of remaining full without adding calories. Make a habit of drinking a lot of water before your first meal of the day, and in-between mealtimes.
  • You can gain weight even after surgery: if you do not keep to your food and exercise schedule, then you can gain back some of the weight you’ve lost and even add more pounds on top.
  • Your new pouch can stretch: the stomach is elastic, and if you constantly overeat, your smaller pouch can slowly extend. Sticking to your post-bariatric surgery diets is important in maintaining the limits of your new stomach.
  • Weight loss is a journey: results may not be evident immediately after VSG surgery. Weight loss is a process of change and you will often fall off the wagon. Do not compare yourself to others, be kind to yourself, and patiently get back on track.

Now that you have the answer to the question, ‘What is a vertical sleeve gastrectomy?’ you might wonder where you can have the procedure done. Many US citizens are choosing to have weight loss surgery in Mexico. VSG in Mexico is more affordable and can help you reach your weight goals faster. The tips provided here will help you benefit from your weight loss surgery.

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