Will I Regain Weight After the Gastric Balloon is Removed?

Will I Regain Weight After the Gastric Balloon is Removed?

Most bariatric procedures are permanent, or at least meant to create alterations that stay in place long term. However, gastric balloon in Mexico is different. While the goal is for the weight loss results to last, the balloon itself is only in place for about 6 months.

What Is the Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is a temporary balloon for weight loss that is placed in the stomach. The silicone balloon is “inflated” with saline solution, taking up space in the stomach and helping patients feel full when eating less food. It can help people train themselves to eat less in general, facilitating long-term weight loss despite the balloon itself being removed after 6 months.

What Can I Expect in Terms of Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Results?

After getting the gastric balloon in Mexico, patients do not lose as much weight as they do with bypass or the sleeve. However, this is by design. The gastric balloon is the only bariatric procedure meant for those who are just overweight or at the low end of obesity.

How much weight can you lose with gastric balloon? This varies between patients, but most will lose about 20-40 pounds over the six months they have the balloon in place. If they stick with their improved eating habits, they could continue to lose more weight after removal.

Will I Gain Back the Lost Weight?

Unlike other forms of bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, the gastric balloon goes not create permanent or long-term changes to your anatomy, which means that you are going to be at a greater risk of gaining the weight back. With that said, proper diet and exercise is necessary no matter the type of bariatric procedure you choose, and all surgeries come with the risk of relapse.

Perhaps the better question is how do you prevent relapse from occurring. This comes down to lifestyle changes.

During the months you balloon is in place, really work on your habits. In fact, we suggest you partner with a therapist to learn more about your relationship with food and find ways to “reprogram” your thinking. Educate yourself on things like portion control, balanced meals, and how to eat healthier without restrictive diets.

You should also start focusing on being active. Develop a workout routine and set daily step or activity goals. With the right approach, the balloon can help you reset your lifestyle. With the wrong one, you will simply regain the weight.

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