Prepare for Plastic Surgery Before Reaching Your Goal WLS Weight

Not Yet at Your Goal Weight? You Can Still Start Preparing
Even if you’re not yet at your ideal pre-op weight, there are plenty of steps you can take to accelerate the process and make your surgical experience easier once you’re ready for it. You can think ahead and start to prepare for plastic surgery. In this article, I’d like to address some of these steps, with an emphasis on pace. You didn’t gain weight overnight, and changing your habits won’t happen overnight either. Instead, take your time and treat yourself compassionately.
Make small changes and build up your new habits slowly. Over time, things that feel strange or uncomfortable now — such as skipping dessert — will become second nature to you. Read on to find out how you can start giving yourself the gift of a brighter future right now.
Prepare for Plastic Surgery: The Physical
Stop your weight gain in its tracks. Feeling like your weight is out of control is a common sentiment among prospective bariatric surgery patients. But regaining control doesn’t have to happen through a sudden 180-degree change. To start, commit to not gaining any more weight. You don’t have to start dropping pounds immediately. Instead, simply begin by maintaining your present weight. This may take some trial and error while you determine how many calories your body requires for maintenance, but be patient. Once you become used to seeing the scale remain stable, you’ll likely feel your sense of control rising, giving you the motivation you need to start moving the scale in the opposite direction.
Start adjusting your habits. Now is a great time to begin slowly adjusting your habits to match the ones you’ll need to maintain after surgery. This means filling up on lean protein and vegetables, and reducing your intake of sugars and starches, especially foods made from refined white flour. With plenty of time to plan and adjust, you can start perfecting your cooking skills to ensure you’ll be able to prepare appealing, healthful meals after surgery. Incorporating some light exercise into most of your days can also help you get used to being more active.

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