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What to Expect for Your Tummy Tuck, Breasts & Arm Lifts

What to Expect for Your Tummy Tuck, Breasts & Arm Lifts

Your journey started quite some time ago, so how does it end? Seemingly forever ago you were carrying a lot of excess weight. Perhaps you have lost 80lbs, 100lbs, or even more! Through bariatric surgery, or diet and exercise, you were able to lose most or all of the extra weight that you had been carrying around for so long.
Before the weight loss, all you could think about is losing the weight and becoming healthy. Now you have achieved that goal, but are surprised at what that much weight loss has left behind. No one might have talked to you about what your skin may look like after losing half your body weight, and now you are now considering plastic surgery to complete your journey. However, this time you want to go into this next chapter much more informed on what can be expected in the short-term and the long-term.

Restoring Your Body’s Natural Figure with Plastic Surgery
For patients who have undergone dramatic weight loss, exercise and diet may not eliminate sagging skin and excess fat. For some, just losing the weight is enough, but for others, restoring the body’s natural figure signifies the end of all the hard work. Doing so may entail the services of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most common surgeries following such weight loss include tummy tucks, breast lifts, upper arm reduction, thigh lift and lower body lifts, in that order. You may wonder what it is like to have such a procedure, but the unknowns have held you back. Does it hurt? How long is the surgery? Will I have drains? How long is the recovery?
In today’s digital age, it is easy for any patient to begin their research on-line. There are surgeon’s websites, plastic surgery society websites, forums, blogs and, of course, on-line review sites such as Yelp and All of these can be utilized, but none take the place of a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Each plastic surgeon may have slightly different answers to these questions, but I hope to shed a little light on each of them.

What to Expect for Your Plastic Surgery Procedures

Tummy Tuck: This surgery can be performed at a hospital or a surgery center, and can be done in conjunction with an overnight stay at the facility or as an outpatient depending on the physician.
This is the most common surgery after massive weight loss (MWL), with over 21,000 performed in 2015.
The abdominal muscles are tightened, and the excess skin is removed. It is most commonly associated with one or two drains which remove swelling fluid from under the skin. These drains remain until the fluid decreases to a point where it is safe to remove. Other surgeons, myself included, may use a no-drain technique where multiple sutures are used to close the space under the skin, thereby not allowing fluid a chance to collect.

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