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Self-Care After Bariatric Surgery

Self-Care After Bariatric Surgery, Learning to Treat Yourself Better!

When you finally decide to take your life back and move forward with having weight loss surgery, you are embarking on a journey that will change everything you know about the life you currently lead. Not only is your relationship with food about to change, but your relationship with yourself is going to change.
Your success after surgery is going to be based on more than just eating what you are supposed to eat and taking your vitamins. In order to be successful in this new lifestyle, you have to treat yourself better and take better care of yourself inside and out.
4 Ways For Better Self-Care After Bariatric Surgery
Taking care of yourself physically means more than going to the gym, being active and getting in those steps. Taking better care of yourself physically means from head to toe. Taking care of your hygiene is imperative to better self-care. Take time to primp and pamper yourself. Take care of your skin, your teeth, your hair and everything in between.

Your emotions are going to feel like you’re playing an intense pinball game that you are trying to reach the highest score. We get so used to suppressing our emotions with food that when the food is no longer a coping mechanism, we aren’t prepared to deal with our emotions in a constructive way.
Start early in your journey finding coping mechanisms for emotions that you aren’t used to feeling. Anxiety, stress, sadness, and excitement are all emotions that would send us right for the yummies. Don’t run from your emotional self-care, tackle it head-on and arm yourself with alternative activities or positive sayings that will help you work your way through different emotions.
Keep a journal as well. Writing out how you feel, what triggers those emotions and how you were able to cope with them will be a good tool to have to refer back to in the future.

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