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Should I Have Gastric Bypass?

Should I Have Gastric Bypass?

I’m considering having gastric bypass surgery for my weight. It seems so drastic, but I have almost 100 pounds to lose. Is it safe? Will I be able to eat normally after it?

Gastric bypass surgery is safe when performed by a well-trained surgeon at a hospital that is appropriately equipped. You should educate yourself on the surgeons in your area and the hospitals that have programs accredited by either the American Society for Bariatric Surgery or the American College of Surgeons.

You will not be able to eat the way you do now after this type of surgery — that’s why you will be able to lose weight more easily than you can now. The surgical program will ask that you undergo an educational process before a gastric bypass, in which you will learn about the procedure and what to expect at every stage.

This surgery is the only cure for obesity that is currently available. Medical treatment can help, but you cannot lose 100 pounds as easily with diet and exercise or medications as you usually can with bariatric surgery.

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