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10 Benefits of Cardio and Strength Training

To support your healthy lifestyle, exercise needs to be part of your life not only to lose weight or maintain a weight loss but also to improve your health. Exercise is a mindset that celebrates what your body can do and not as a punishment for a food choice you made or a drudgery to lose weight.

By knowing the benefits of both cardio (aerobics conditioning) and strength training, the habits that regular exercisers have and how to become motivated to exercise during those times that you don’t want to will help you to create a positive mindset toward exercise.

10 Benefits of Cardio and Strength Training

The benefits to both cardio and strength training are many. For maximum weight loss, weight maintenance and overall good health, cardio, and strength training go hand-in-hand. Each of them provides benefits to you physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve listed 10 benefits you’ll get from both cardio and strength training.

The word “cardio” is short for “cardiovascular,” also known as aerobics conditioning, that mean the circulatory system of your heart and blood vessels. Cardio is good for your heart, lungs, and circulatory system, and the release of endorphins that can help you cope with stress.

If you’re wanting to lose weight, you probably know that you need to increase your cardio. Cardio exercise burns calories. Studies show that cardio is the best exercise for weight loss.  Know what your heart rate zone and ideal heart rate range is before doing cardio.

Cardio and strength training reduces belly fat and promotes brain growth, and prevents stress, interrupts anxiety, regulates depression and provides much better sleep.

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