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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Ashamed For Undergoing Plastic Surgery

There are two types of people who undergo plastic surgery: those who tell the world about their transformation, and those who try to take it to the grave.

Unfortunately, most of those who keep it a secret feel ashamed due to societal scorn.

Even if a person gets surgery for non-cosmetic reasons, they still feel pressure to keep it a secret. And if those people are transparent about the procedure, they usually make sure to clarify that it was for non-cosmetic reasons.

Even if an obese patient goes through a life-saving procedure, they face the stigma that they took the “easy way out” for weight loss.

Do we really have reasons to shame people who get surgery for cosmetic reasons? Do we have a right to? And are the motives for undergoing these procedures a result of societal beauty standards or personal ones?

Regardless of motive, one thing is clear. We need to change the plastic surgery conversation.

1. Your confidence and self-esteem should be a priority.

And if surgery can improve how you see yourself, then why is it not as accepted as any other form of self-care?

One can get plastic surgery for lots of reasons, which range from removing some unwanted fat to erasing scars or burns that remind you of trauma every day.

Some women turn to surgery to repair their body after being the subject of abuse.

A dear friend of mine had her nose violently broken by a man at the age of 16. This left her with breathing problems, as well as self-esteem issues.

Either way, after the surgery, your self-esteem will increase, which will positively impact every part of your life.

This has a huge impact on your emotions, leading to a healthier version of you.

2. Vanity is an industry.

The beauty industry is among the most profitable industries out there, so why are we fooling ourselves into thinking plastic surgery isn’t common?

The principle of getting plastic surgery is the same as the principle of going to the gym and taking care of yourself.

Our society values how we look over who we are, so why do people act so shocked when we conform to the standards they set?


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